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Monday, July 9, 2012

Responsive Magento Theme - A new approach to ecommerce website

Responsive web design is a new approach of web designing in which website break down its whole layout in such a way that it looks nice and more readable on all mobile devices and all web browser of any resolutions. In the world of iPhone and iPad, mobile plays an important role for online product selling website. A recent survey on mobile usage shows that if store owner does not adopt new technologies of keeping their website mobile friendly, they will loose a giant segment of their product consumers.

Almost 79%of smart phone users use their mobile for online shopping. they either prefer iPhone apps for purchasing their items of browse mobile friendly website for placing their order. so as a being a store owner, you have two choice to make your store mobile friendly. Either hire iPhone application developer from India and develop iPhone apps for your products or convert your current website into responsive.

Compare to developing mobile apps for each technologies like iPhone, android, windows or blackberry, responsive web design is far better solutions. It will be more cheaper and device independent solutions compare to developing apps for each type of smartphone.

As magento is a leading open source for ecommerce store, its easy to get developed responsive theme for your magento store. There are so many responsive magento theme designing company available which can helps you to convert your existing website into mobile compatible version. There are also many ready made free responsive magento theme and commercial theme are now available in market place with easy plug and play installation. There are so many advantage of using responsive design compare to traditional design

  • You can get advantage of your mobile user as your website looks more user friendly compare to desktop website on mobile device.
  • Readability of your website on mobile device is better then non-responsive website.
  • As responsive design adjust their layout as per mobile screen and web browser, it looks great in almost all type of smartphone. its a device independent solutions.
  • In terms of search engine, Its a prefered solution of developing mobile compatible website as you do not have to maintain multiple urls for same product. 
  • It gives charming look and credits to your business when user find nice website on their mobile. 
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